Mountains Of The Moon

Alan Rowan is on a mission to “bag” all 13 full moons this year!

The midnight mountaineer hopes to hike a relevant Scottish mountain on every full moon of 2018.

“Each moon has a different name,” Alan explains, “which originate in Native American lore.

“I love the romance and mythology of these, and I am trying to choose a mountain area which resonates with each moon.”

Have a look at the moon names on the right, and let us know if you can think of a mountain destination to tie in with it! Share your suggestions with us via email, or on Facebook or Twitter.

Find out more in our March issue’s interview with Alan, and follow him online for the latest news @MunroMoonwalker and with the hashtag #MountainsOfTheMoon.


The Early Bird Doesn’t Always Catch The Worm

“I had always feared the third full moon of the year would turn out to be the problem child of the 13.”

“The Beast from the East” somewhat impeded Alan Rowan’s hiking plans to catch the Worm Moon.


Blue Moon – Cairn Gorm

“…there was a thunderous moaning from the wind sweeping over the cliffs.”

The “blue mountain” was perfectly suited to January’s full moon – even if the weather wasn’t!

Wolf Moon – Beinn Alligin

“Suddenly the night became a lot darker and colder.”

Alan’s first moonwalk of 2018 was under a Wolf Moon, so he decided to head to the Corrie of the Wolf on Beinn Alligin…


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to find out how Alan gets on!

Katrina Patrick