Our Top Ten Most Scottish Kids’ TV Shows – Number 6

The Family Ness

The world’s most famous monster without a doubt is our Nessie and she’s been the focus of several children’s series, but none quite so ridiculously brilliant as The Family Ness.

In this show there were a whole host of Loch Ness Monsters, who could be called from the loch by two local children, Elspeth and Angus MacTout, by means of their “thistle whistles”. Aye, we know. But it’s still a bloomin’ good show.

“You can knock it, you can rock it, you can go to Timbuktu, but you’ll never find a Nessie in the zoo!” – although, they might be a bit miffed to discover that Edinburgh Zoo now keeps dinosaurs…

Parasaurolophus is carefully removed from his shipping container

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