Wendy Glass

When she was growing up on a farm in the far north of Scotland, my mum read Peter Pan and decided if she had a little girl, she would call her Wendy.

And in one of those little quirks of fate, I now live in Kirriemiur, the small Angus town where JM Barrie was born!

I’ve been a journalist since I left school – it’s the best job in the world. I adore chatting to people from all walks of life, visiting new places, uncovering unusual, interesting or, my speciality, “couthie” stories.

My home (and my office) is a 120-year-old cottage, which I share with my husband, our 15-year-old daughter, and our two dogs, Ellie and Zak. Ellie’s accompanied me on a couple of Scots Mag hikes – Zak’s only been with us for a few weeks but will be making his Take A Hike debut soon.

I love hillwalking and try to head off to the hills every couple of weeks – I pride myself on always being able to come up with a walk that ends at a good pub!