Jon Cozart – Living The Fringe Dream!

YouTube sensation Jon Cozart moves from online to on the Fringe!

American YouTube star Jon Cozart, whose most popular online clip has had nearly 50 million views, has made the move from virtual into reality with his month-long appearance at The Fringe this August.

Jon first online video clip to go viral was Harry Potter In 99 Seconds but his most popular to date is his take on the Disney Princesses and their life After Ever After, which has had nearly 50 million views. His subsequent videos have all reached a six figure worldwide audience and Jon’s own YouTube channel has over 2.9 million subscribers and is still growing.

Laughter Ever After is Jon’s first live show and features the best of Jon’s online hits, as well as new material written especially for his Edinburgh outing – his first experience of live theatre!

‘This is every American’s dream’

“I’m so excited to be in Edinburgh – and the UK – for the first time,” said Jon (23), who headed to Edinburgh immediately after graduating from University in Austin, Texas. “The Fringe is the perfect excuse to broaden my worldly horizons.

“This is every American’s dream. I’ve always dreamed of writing my own show and performing live comedy. YouTube is nice because I get as many takes as I want, but a live audience is a different animal.

“I couldn’t be more excited to share my stuff with a couple hundred people a night. Plus… Scottish accents are to die for!”

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Laughter Ever After

When: 5.15pm, 5th – 31st August 2015

Where: Underbelly – Ermintrude (Med Quad)

Tickets: £11 from

Hit or Miss?

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