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People February 16, 2018

Mountains Of The Moon

Alan Rowan is on a mission to “bag” all 13 full moons this year! The midnight mountaineer hopes to hike a relevant Scottish mountain on every full moon of 2018. […]

People February 16, 2018

Blue Moon – Cairn Gorm

Blue Moon on the blue mountain   I KNEW it wouldn’t be easy but this full moon chase is proving to be even trickier than I expected! It’s a lot […]

People February 15, 2018

Wolf Moon on Beinn Alligin

Howling at the first moon of 2018   Being Alligin was first up on my list of 2018 moonwalks, but the main objective was not the summit but the big […]

People February 2, 2018

Award for Cameron McNeish!

Well-deserved recognition for our top outdoor writer   Cameron McNeish has won the 2018 Scottish Award for Excellence in Mountain Culture. The award will be presented to the outdoor writer […]

People January 25, 2018

Burns, Set In Stone

Memorials to the Bard exist all around the world   MANY years ago I met with members of the Atlanta St Andrews Society in Georgia, USA. They told me how, […]

People January 5, 2018

Hamilton’s Scottish Heritage

Discover the Scottish roots of Alexander Hamilton, feisty right hand man of George Washington and the inspiration behind one of the most successful Broadway musicals of the decade   Hamilton […]

People October 24, 2017

A Pioneering Photographer

… who captured a lost way of life   In our November issue we looked back at the wonderful work of one of our most prolific photographers, Robert Moyes Adam. […]


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