Jon Cozart: From YouTube To The Edinburgh Fringe

American YouTube star Jon Cozart has had nearly 50 million views for his online clip, ‘Happy Ever After’, and he’s bringing his musical humour to The Fringe this August.

We were lucky enough to be at one of Jon’s first Laughter Ever After shows at the Edinburgh Fringe and, despite a small technical hitch (no video screens – which could have been a disaster for someone who’s only ever appeared on screen and specialises in harmonising with himself via the power of video), he was fabulous!

With no video for the first half of his show, Jon told us about his early life and sang a few of his songs without himself providing backing, which simply proved how good his voice actually is and how funny he is!

Jon took full advantage of being thousands of miles from home

The son of a strict Texan preacher and even stricter Mom, Jon took full advantage of being thousands of miles from home to share his alternative versions of several Christmas carols – and also to share a few songs from the musical he’s working on (based on, somewhat bizarrely, The Hunger Games!).

Jon’s technology problems were cured when his video technician found his way to the venue and from then on, we were treated to the full performance of all Jon’s YouTube hits, which had almost all of us singing along to his parodies of the Disney Princesses and Harry Potter.

And then the audience trooped outside for a very informal chat with Jon and his brother – that’s what the Edinburgh Fringe is all about!

Laughter Ever After


When: 5.15pm, 5th – 31st August 2015

Underbelly – Ermintrude (Med Quad)


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