A Lockdown Poem By Ami F Torrance

Poem by Ami F Torrance

A gift in the form of a poem from one of our readers…


Last week in our inbox, a poem from one of our readers really lifted our spirits.

This light-hearted letter about the current lockdown was a real treat.

We loved it so much, we had to share!


Aw Done


Just imagine it

The parties, nationwide

The day big Boris says;

“Lockdoon’s over, go’n get back ootside”.

The pubs, they’ll be jumpin’

And we’ll aw be en route

And oor grannies will be watin’

Kettles boiled, biscuit tin oot.

The weans, they’ll be buzzin’

To see their pals in school

And we’ll be in awe in Asda,

To see the toilet roll shelves are full.

That first cheeky Big Mac

And first beer garden jaunt

First proper date night with the Mrs

First day of “dae wit ye want”.

We’ll probably aw be greetin’

Cuddlin’ the folk we’ve missed

And then finally, it’ll hit us

What it really means tae exist.

Cos aye, these times are hard

And it’s scunnered everyone

But if there’s anything that’ll get us through

It’s how we’ll feel when it’s aw done.

Ami F Torrance



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