The Morning After The Night Before

Okay, you might have over-imbibed with that single malt you got for Christmas or your neighbour’s home brew was a bit more potent than you thought, but it’s not the end of the world. Hogmanay is a time for celebration and while the next day can leave you a tad fragile, we at the Scots Magazine have come up with a list of hangover cures to put a spring in your step and stop that little man banging a bass drum in the back of your head.

1. Go for a walk. There’s no better way to clear your head than good, old-fashioned fresh air. If you have a hill or mountain close by, all the better but it can be a stroll along the beach, a dawnder in the park or wander in the woods.
2. Milk shake, of any flavour. Our Gillian reckons that works a treat, but she didn’t say if the cure included a beefburger and fries!
3. Go for a dook! There are some official New Year’s Day paddles, particularly at Broughty Ferry and the Firth of Forth. If that doesn’t cure a hangover, nothing will!
4. A big fry-up. Perhaps not the most healthy of options, but some folk swear that a plate of ham and eggs plus all the trimmings ticks every box.
5. Drink lots of water. Not in the morning, but before you go to bed. Our Admin team’s Wilma always leaves a couple of glasses at her bedside. Now, that’s what we call forward planning!
6. Lie in your jammies all day and let nature take its course. Possible the most lengthy of cures, but if there’s something good on telly it’s well worth the effort – or lack of it!

However, you might have your own cure. If it’s none of the above, we’d like to hear about it!

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