Q-Aye! – The Scottish Facts You Need To Know | Part 9

Q-Aye Scotland facts

Put yourself to the test with our list of 30 essential weird and wonderful Scotland facts. How many do you know?

A famous Scot was once a coffin polisher!


41 Queen Victoria hated cigarette smoking but reportedly puffed away herself when in Scotland to keep away the midges.


42 Scottish Gaelic has a word that means, “the sort of friend who tends to only drop in around mealtimes” – sgiomlaireachd.


43 After a car crash in Sutherland  in 1969, John Lennon had his white Austin Maxi crushed and made in to a sculpture for his garden.


44 Bob Marley was a secret Glasgow Celtic fan who could recite the 1967 Lisbon Lions team in full.


45 Coffin Connery! Sean Connery once worked as a coffin polisher in Haddington. He said he regularly bleached mahogany ones to make them look like oak.


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