Q-Aye Scotland facts

Test your knowledge of Scotland with our fascinating and fun facts!


  • In 18th century Scotland the cure for stomach aches and indigestion was chucking a few woodlice in your wine. As Bushtucker Trial as it sounds, the woodlice’s exoskeletons are predominantly calcium carbonate, a major ingredient of indigestion tablets.

  • What’s thought to be the world’s smallest gin distillery operates from a cupboard in a Glasgow tenement. Colin McLean and his partner Jess produce McLean’s Gin in the 1.5 sq m (16 sq ft) space.

  • The Queen’s attempts to turn Balmoral green have been blocked by red squirrels. The estate planned to build a turbine to generate power from the River Muick but it was decided this would be too noisy for wildlife in the area, including red squirrels, badgers and otters.


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