A-Z of Secret Dundee: Queen’s Hotel

Dundee’s waterfront is constantly being redeveloped, and the Queen’s Hotel has a great glimpse into what could have been…

The lower ground floor Victorian suite features a specially commissioned seven-metre mural inspired by early 20th century architectural drawings by James Thompson – Dundee’s visionary city architect and engineer.

The hub of Dundee’s architectural heritage

Created by local artist Ken Bushe, the mural is a living interpretation of Thompson’s 1910 architectural plans for Dundee’s waterfront area, featuring a grand plaza and tree-lined boulevard, with a magnificent fountain as a centrepiece between the Royal Arch and other grand buildings.

Unfortunately the plans were scrapped with the outbreak of World War One, but do take a stroll down to see how the current redevelopment is taking shape, and you’ll see that many features from Thompson’s 1910 vision are being realised.



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