A-Z of Secret Inverness-shire: Z

Zip Trek!

“They fly through the air with the greatest of ease, those daring young  men (and women) in the err…big Highland trees!”

Sorry for the excitement but this adventure certainly sends the adrenalin levels soaring!

The Uk’s first Zip Trek Adventure Park is based at Alvie Estate near Aviemore, and it’s made up of 14 zip wires over a 2km course in a stunning pine forest.

The zips start off nice and easy and get bigger and faster as you go along the course. The final one is 550m long and you’ll be travelling of speeds of around 40mph!

If you want to  take the adventure to the next level why not do it in the dark? That’s right, you heard me correctly, this crazy lot actually organise night zipping wearing head torches! Strictly for the Bravehearts only!


Zip Trek, Alvie Estate Office, Alvie, PH21 1NE.


Please check opening times online

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