AWHH Children’s Writing Competition Winners, Primary 1-4

Here are the winning entries from the Primary 1 – 4 age group in A Write Highland Hoolie’s Children’s Writing Competition


First Place

Jocelyn Fraser


Early in the morning after my breakfast, I go on the beach. I climb down the rocks of the sea wall. It’s like slinking down the stairs for me because the beach is almost in my home.
There is sand lost in my bedroom carpet. It is a tall carpet and you can easily loose things in it.
There are rocks and shells on my window sill.
But my mum doesn’t grow seaweed plants.
She would if she was a mermaid but she hasn’t got a tail.


Second Place

Maggie Carr


Autumn on Eigg sounds like sweet singing birds feeding their hungry chicks.
Autumn on Eigg smells like bonfire night, burning wood and scorching sticks.
Autumn leaves on Eigg look like copper coins scattered on a hidden forest track.
Autumn on Eigg feels like the golden setting sun shining on my back.
Autumn on Eigg tastes like crunchy apples sweet as any honeycomb
From my orchard at Laig, at the back of my house,
I love my highland home.


Third Place

Morgan MacKenzie


Good evening. I am Morag. I am light blue and green ad I am sometimes happy and sometimes sad. It is quiet in the Loch. My friend is a mermaid. She is called Maisie. Her sister is Morgan. They are my best friends.
One day I said
I am going to the deepest part of the ocean. Are you coming with me?
Yes, we are, they said.

So, my friends and I swam there. We passed noisy children playing and screaming on the jaggy rocks. Morgan and Maisie were scared of the children because they were so noisy.
At the deepest part of the Loch, Maisie began to sink. Her tail got tangled in underwater weeds. She was terrified and began to flap her tail but she got more tangled! So, I dived in and tried to get her out by untangling the weeds. Morgan dived down and pulled the last bit off. Maisie finally got free. We agreed never to go back there again. The deepest part is very dangerous. We all swam home. I was lying on my bed of sand thinking about Loch Morar. I love the way it glows like a diamond.



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