AWHH Children’s Writing Competition Winners, Primary 5-7

Here are the winning entries from the Primary 5 – 7 age group in A Write Highland Hoolie’s Children’s Writing Competition


First Place

Kirsty Martin


The sun slowly lights up the fresh green grass around me as the morning dew sinks in to my roots. The sun peers over Rum and Eigg. I try to reach out my branches to meet it but it simply refuses to. A gentle breeze sways my leaves causing more to slip from my fingertips. I hear the breeze grow more aggressive and hit against me with pathetic little drops of rain falling on me. It doesn’t hurt but I’m now very damp. I long for the sun’s warmth but it’s been blocked by nearby clouds. I feel my branches fall in disappointment. My thick bark is soaking in the rain.
Though quite suddenly, an elegant black crow lands swiftly on one of my long branches looking for shelter from the rain. I immediately sit up to look presentable because I don’t often have guests.
The clouds slowly pass away and the sun comes into view once more revealing the scent of colourful flowers and the sound of buzzing bees. The calm sea stretches as far as I can see and I can see the small village of Morar with playful children tumbling into each other then running away. The sight warms me but the feeling of amusement slowly turns to loneliness. However as my spirits fade I hear rustling coming from the branch that holds the majestic crow. To my surprise she was making a neat nest from fallen twigs. My heart suddenly jumped in excitement,
every feeling of loneliness had left as I felt honoured to protect this beautiful bird.
Moonlight lights up the long grass around. The breeze is refreshing. The water is still and quiet and the beach is silver under the gaze of the full moon. The muffled sound of snoring calms me. Another brown leaf falls slowly to the bright gleaming surface. Now I am bare and old. The crow wakes and notices all the leaves have disappeared she stands up and opens her wings with one last look at me she flies off in the direction of the now glistening Rum and Eigg but I don’t feel miserable or lonely because all I need is my Highland home.


Second Place

Chloe Harkins


When I’m at the heater i hear buzzing noises.
I smell a faint burning smell when I turn the heater on.
I think about what’s on T.V when I’m sitting beside the heater.
I feel warm when I’m sitting at the heater.
I taste food when I’m watching T.V when I’m sitting beside the heater
I see a carpet right beside me it’s brownish creamish.
I also smell a really,really strong scent of eggs “And I mean really strong scent
You should never give my sister eggs.
I normally make a bed beside the heater I would bring down my favourite teddy down
Berty I had him since I was a baby he is a bear he came with a passport.I have always
had him he’s very cuddly and when I was younger when I was sad I would cry on
him.He is really fluffy and he wears a scarf which is brown.I’m going to try keep Berty
My Cat Rosie also comes to see me when I’m at the heater she sometimes shows me
places outside I end up looking she finds lods of thistles and I always find Amazing
views. And she would walk over to me when I’m sitting around.
Rosie is a tabby cat.
She is black,Grey with a tiny bit brown and Green eyes
She’s a lovely cat.
She’s cuddly,soft and I love her.
My dad was a chainsawer he would chop down millions of trees but his friends would
plant them all back one time he was chopping a tree “ahhh!”
He sat on a wasp nest.
He would take us out long walks to bothies but we would normally get socan wet.
We went to one a few weeks ago. We onse went to a bothy when I was young.
I love taking walks to bothies.
I like the color of scottish thistles I like how at the top it’s purple.
I like my highland home.
When I’m outside i think about the water flowing onto the land.
The lovely hills surrounding me in the gorgeous highlands.
When I’m with my wonderful friends we go adventuring.
I stay in an marvelous place called Arisaig.
I like to go out and enjoy the lovely sun.
If it’s raining i will go to the football pitch and wrestle.
I see the pretty forest’s while I’m running around like a maniac.
I love living in the highlands.
When I’m in the highlands I see leaves blowing in the wind.
I smell fresh air when I’m walking around


Third Place

Eve Morris


The minute the sun comes out and the rain scuttles away, I look out of the window and decide: Now I’ll go out to play on my trampoline and in my tree house and have lots of fun in the garden!
I start to play, making my tree house better. I create a pretend fire-place made of metal that I have found in my woods (I love playing in the woods and seeing what treasures I can find). I put a weird round disc underneath an old oven top thingy on top of a useful object for hanging in trees with string. As I warm myself beside my fire, lit in my imagination, I realise that I am preposition queen!!
What can I do to make my tree-house better? I need more prepositions! First of all I will go over to search for things to store on its main branch. In my search I find: a very long, thin, hard pipe that is made of metal and a rusty thimumajig for scraping with. I am very pleased with myself and my findings for today. My tree house is transforming into a tree home!!

In my inside house home, my bedroom is a very messy place, except not as messy as dad’s study! I have lots of toys and books all over the place in my room, which is as mammoth as a monsoon only not as wet, but I often feel I need more space so what I do is I clear everything into my dreaded den of doom that disintegrates all prey!! He thinks he’s a conkerer but that doesn’t make any sense because he eats all, except nuts; he doesn’t like the spiky green shell!
I love to play with dolls, and I have a great many of them. My favourite one is Teddy and I can’t sleep without him and two others. I also can confirm that I have ownership of eleven Polly Pockets. I love playing and dressing them; sometimes I even let them swim in the washing up bowl outside. It is fun.
Inside the curtains, under my covers it is as cosy as it must be inside a tortoise shell! My bed is the best place in the whole world for me to concentrate. I have written most of my stories there (not including this one!).And when I need to calm down, I read my book there.

I feel that I haven’t used enough prepositions in this composition yet, so inside my mind, over the lumps and bumps of the story hill, ready to sit down in front of my fire, I will tell you how much I have enjoyed my adventure with you. And so has my pencil; at least I haven’t run out of lead! Goodbye says The Preposition Queen!



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