Secret Cities


A-Z of Secret Dundee: Ice Arena

If you like your sport fast and furious, pop along to Dundee’s Ice Arena, home to the Dundee CCS Stars. Dundee’s professional ice hockey team play their games most weekends […]


A-Z of Secret Dundee: Groucho’s

If Dundee is known as a musical city, then Groucho’s is undoubtedly its heartbeat. This independent record store is a treasure trove of second-hand vinyl , CDs, DVDs and videos. […]


A-Z of Secret Dundee: Fisher & Donaldson

When it comes to cream cakes, F&D’s are the crème de la crème. Billing themselves as a boulangerie, patisserie, confiserie and chocolaterie, this fifth generation Fife based company have been […]


A-Z of Secret Dundee: Dighty Connect

The Dighty is the city’s historic second river. It existed long before Dundee did. Many communities in the east of the city live just a stone’s throw away from it […]


A-Z of Secret Dundee: Braithwaite

Talking of coffee, and indeed tea, there is only one place to head to buy the very finest blends and that’s J A Braithwaite. Follow your nose and you will […]

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