Decathlon B’TWIN RC500 Cycling Gilet – Review

Brand: Decathlon

Type: B’TWIN RC500 Cycling Gilet

Price: £19.99

Star rating:


IN an effort to make the roads safer for cyclists, the Police spend a lot of time these days reminding drivers that anything under 1.5m distance when you overtake a cyclist qualifies as a “close pass”.

As an occasional cycle commuter, I still sometimes get nervous when a car rolls up behind me in a built up area. You usually get a pretty good sense from the sound of the engine and proximity whether you’re in for an aggressive overtake.

There’s not an awful lot you can do while you’re on your bike, but you can certainly make yourself as visible as possible


If I was just to have one high-vis item for commuting by bike, this would be it.


I’ve got high-vis jackets and some alarmingly bright shoes, but this gilet works as a great throw-on over normal cycling gear if it’s not a particularly cold day.

A thin gilet like this won’t have a massive impact on your temperature, either, so you can just dress appropriately for the weather as normal, and throw this on top.

If I was just to have one high-vis item for commuting, this would be it.




Favourite Feature

There’s a wee pocket in the back for the stuff that you can’t afford to bury deep in your rucksack, and as it weighs barely anything, it’s not going to cramp your style or speed.




Least Favourite Feature

Nothing to complain about with this at all. It’s genuinely impossible not to see someone wearing this. It fits well. It serves a simple purpose, and does it very well.





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