Did You Know? Glasgow!

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Glasgow is a city rich with history and known for its unique character. Here are some fascinating facts about one of Scotland’s main cultural hubs…


“The Dear Green Place”

Glasgow is often referred to as “The Dear Green Place”. This is believed to be a translation of its Gaelic name – ‘Glas’ meaning green or grey, and ‘gow’ potentially meaning field. However, the exact translation is still unclear and disputed. Regardless, people today still enjoy calling it the Dear Green Place when encouraging the conservation of the city’s green space. In fact, Glasgow has over 90 parks, and one of the most famous is the Glasgow Botanic Gardens, a beautiful Victorian-era garden that features a variety of plants from around the world.


A Forest Of Fossils

Eleven extinct fossilised trees in Fossil Grove, Glasgow’s Victoria Park are twice as old as dinosaurs. They date back 330 million years to a time when Glasgow’s climate was warm and humid. Learn more about Fossil Grove and many more must-sees for the budding geologist with Fossils, Stones and Other Geological Finds In Scotland


The Glasgow Coma Scale

 Developed in 1974 by Dr. Graham Teasdale and Sir Bryan Jennett at the University of Glasgow, the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) is a widely used medical tool for assessing the level of consciousness and neurological function of patients. It’s a key instrument in emergency medicine worldwide.


Duke of Wellington Conehead

In front of the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow stands a statue of the Duke of Wellington on a horse. What makes this statue particularly quirky is the traffic cone that often adorns the Duke’s head. Despite frequent removals by authorities, the tradition of placing a traffic cone on the Duke’s head has persisted, becoming an iconic and light-hearted symbol of the city.




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