Fascinating Facts – Badgers

Laurie Campbell ©

The curious badger can be spotted throughout Scotland and it’s always a lovely sight!


1. They can eat several hundred earthworms in a night! They are also one of the only predators of hedgehogs – their thick skin and long claws help them get past the spines.


2. Badgers and their setts are protected by the Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act 2011.


3. They are a wood’s ruling clan, often occupying the same sett for generations.


4. Their prints are distinctive – they have kidney-shaped pads, five upward-pointing toes and long claws.


5. Badgers typically weigh 10-12kg, with a body length of around 90cm – they’re the UK’s biggest land predator.



WHERE TO FIND THEM: You can take part in badger watches organised by Scottish Wildlife Trust in various locations. There are also public hides at New Lanark and Strathspey.


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