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Culture December 11, 2017

Jay Is For January

Our nature expert Jim Crumley encounters a jay, or, as the colourful birs is described in Gaelic, a “sgreuchag-choille” – screamer of the woods   One of those half-dark-at-noon January […]

Culture April 13, 2016

A… Chaos of Swans?

When startled by a microlight or helicopter, geese and whooper swans have an unusual and dramatically different response… Sometimes the hardest part is getting into the passenger seat from the […]

Culture March 30, 2016

Herons – Dressing Down

No prizes for herons in fashion or architecture…   Herons, I once wrote, are flamingos dressed by Presbyterians. I like the image so much, here it is again. The writer’s conceit, revisiting […]

Culture March 2, 2016

Wildcat Versus Lynx

Save from extinction or reintroduce? Jim Crumley asks which is easier. Finally, I saw something lying at the foot of a tree, inert as gravestones, but I had to have […]

Culture January 20, 2016

Jim Crumley | A Day In The Life…

An insight into a typical day for nature writer Jim Crumley … I am walking the line between Highland and Lowland, a ridge to the south of the Trossachs’ mountain heart. […]

Culture December 25, 2015

The Missing Lynx

As the forests of Scotland revive, Jim Crumley reckons its about time a former resident deserves a billet I once sat and watched a pair of captive lynxes for half an […]

Culture October 14, 2015

Life At The Water’s Edge

The peaceful Tay estuary is in reality a very busy place that Jim Crumley never gets tired of visiting Kingoodie at low tide on a cold afternoon of stillness and sunlight is […]

Culture September 16, 2015

Greylag Geese: Our Arctic Ambassadors

As the colours of Autumn develop in the woods and fields around us, Jim Crumley looks back at one of his most sacred memories of nature at this time of year… […]

Culture September 4, 2015

Watching Woodland Carpenters

At last it is September, and I head for the woods. Every season has its moments in the woods, but September is when my least favourite of all the seasons’ variations […]

Culture August 21, 2015

A Swift Encounter

The swifts came late. If you remember April 2012 at all you will remember it with a shudder. North-easterly winds, rain, sleet and snow, and spring hiding its head under […]


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