Fascinating Facts – Buzzards

Shutterstock / Carol Taylor © a buzzard taking flight

Buzzards are incredibly common in Scotland, yet they are a sight we are always buzzing to see…



1. Buzzards are generally lazy by nature! This is why you rarely see them being flown at falconry displays – it’s not worth the amount of effort required to train them!


2. The word “buzzard” has French origins! Buzzard comes from the Old French word “busard”, which was based on the Latin buteo (falcon).


3. A bad omen! Some native North American tribes considered buzzards to be an omen of danger or strife.


4. The collective name for buzzards is a “wake”! It can be called a“kettle” if there’s a large group in flight.


5. A friendly giant! The buzzard may be a large bird; however, it is not a major predator and prefers to feed on already dead animals, insects and worms.



WHERE TO FIND THEM: Buzzards are a frequent sight across Scotland. You’ll spot them in the sky of the Highlands and mountain ranges, woodlands, moorlands and even cities having adapted to survive most places – both rural and urban.


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