Fascinating Facts – Nuthatch

laurie campbell ©

Nuthatches are not unique to Scotland but they are an exciting find here! Discover more…



1. Nuthatches were first recorded in Scotland in 1989, and in 2018 a nesting pair was recorded in Inverness-shire! 


2.  Nuthatches can walk up and down a tree as well as around, using only the strength of their legs and toes. Unlike woodpeckers or tree creepers, which climb to the top and then fly back down, the Nuthatch can walk with ease straight back down the tree.


3.  There is only one species of nuthatch in the UK, but there are 15 in Southern Asia, where it is believed the species originated.


4. Pest control! Due to their appetite for tree-living bugs, these birds are good for preventing tree damage caused by pests.


5. The name nuthatch is derived from nut hacker! This reflects the bird’s method of opening up nuts by jamming them into a crevice and then hammering at them.



WHERE TO FIND THEM: Scottish Wildlife Trust reserves such as Erraid Wood or Bawsinch and Duddingston.


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