My Scotland: Laura Miller

Broadcast journalist Laura Miller celebrates five years presenting the BBC Reporting Scotland later this year. In this month’s My Scotland, she shares her favourite spots in Scotland to visit when off camera.


It just holds lovely past memories, but it is one of those places we go all the time. East Neuk has got a pull for me. Pittenweem was the first holiday we had with our daughter, it was a lovely long weekend, we were in a bubble. I love the winding alleys up from the harbour, the lovely little shops, and the walk along that coastal path to St Monans. It’s a slightly rocky path, and we have taken a pram along it, which wasn’t the best idea – but we got there! I love sitting at East Pier Smokehouse with smoked shellfish and a glass of wine on a sunny day. It feels ‘other worldly’.

Campsie Fells

I grew up in Milton of Campsie, so we had a lovely views of the Campsies. My mum still lives in that house and when I go back there, to the Campsies, it feels like home. It’s nostalgic. I reminisce of childhood adventures when I am up there. I remember as kids, being bundled into cars, and wheeched up to the Campsies to go and explore. As an adult I go back up to the cairn and go walks with my family. It’s so accessible from where I live. The Campsies are a constant, they are home and always beckon me.

Castle Tioram

It sits on a lovely tidal island of Eilean Tioram. I spent a beautiful weekend there recently. It takes an effort to get there, especially if you’re coming from the Central Belt, but it’s worth it. When I was younger, I went wild camping on the tidal island, we were totally cut off and woke up to calm waters around us. It’s completely remote and magical. I now live on the East Coast, but the West Coast is so different in terms of its landscape. It’s unmatched. People at work don’t believe I love camping, but I love not having the constraints of getting up and wearing a certain thing or having to do your hair.

Bruntsfield, Edinburgh

I lived here for six years and it’s such a lovely corner of a wonderful city. I am a Glasgow girl, so I have split loyalties here, but Edinburgh has got a piece of my heart. When you live in a city, you don’t often see it through the eyes of a tourist – but they walk around open-mouthed. Bruntsfield is more residential; it’s bustling and modern; like a village within a city. I love the walk down to the city centre, down Bruntsfield Links to the Meadows. There is a real sense of modern city living here. I loved living there at the time. It was the first house my daughter lived in, so it has loads of lovely memories.

Loch Ken

I never went there on a childhood holiday, but into adulthood we spent time at a family house down near Loch Ken. It has wonderful rolling hills; it’s just so lush. We would spend time out on the loch with friends, going out on boats and paddleboards, and doing adventurous pursuits on the water. It conjures up memories of outdoorsy weekends and wholesome food with family. Even if it’s rubbish weather, you just have the need to pull on the wellies, get out into nature and enjoy the surroundings.

Southend, Mull of Kintyre

This is a new favourite for me, after a recent experience in Southend. Last year, in my family we had quite a lot of significant birthdays, so we took over 10 static caravans and stayed there for a big family weekend. It was the most amazing time. On the run-up, I was asking the weather presenter what the weather going to be like. It was the summer months, but a storm was brewing. When we went, it was hotter than Majorca! My sister came over to Glasgow from Spain and surprised my Mum, and then they got the wee plane over from Glasgow to Campbeltown. This beach on Southend was ours for the weekend; we had food, music, drinks; everyone was together; and the weather was balmy. It was wonderful, and I don’t know it we can ever recreate that.

Laura Miller will be doing some of the coverage for the General Election this week.

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