My Scotland: Ray Bradshaw

In this month’s My Scotland comedian Ray Bradshaw shares his favourite places from all around the country and all his favourite memories attached.


“I love Oban. I like the feel of it. It’s quite remote, takes ages to get to, and you can get to so many places from Oban. I love the seaside, and I went to Oban a lot as a kid. I was also there that night they set off 30 minutes of fireworks in 10 seconds! It was incredible – someone pressed a button, and every single firework went off. I thought ‘geez, they’ve put a lot of money into this, what’s this going to be like’. It was so good! And was in Oban recently as one of my wife Hayley’s friends got married up there.”

Firhill Stadium

“I support Partick Thistle, so Firhill Stadium is also a favourite place. But, strangely, sometimes the worst part of the day is actually the football because everything around it is so good: your family, your friends. I first went to Firhill 29 years ago, I was six, and I went with my grandpa – who is from Maryhill. The first game I saw, we got relegated and since then I have seen us being relegated five times.”

Galashiels town centre


“Galashiels is also a place with fond memories. When I was a student, my friend Stephanie moved there and kept inviting me and my mates down. Because of the fashion college, there were lots of young, attractive people there, it was like an American college town. I would get so drunk and have amazing nights out. Sometimes I went down for a day and stayed for four! It was so fun but the worst part about it was being hungover on the X95 bus back to Edinburgh! And the audiences are crazy.”

Credit: The Stand Comedy Club in Glasgow.

The Stand Comedy Club in Glasgow

“I also love The Stand Comedy Club in Glasgow. It’s my local one and the gigs are among the best gig you will do in your life. I was in New Zealand in May and two people asked what the Stand was like when they found out I was Scottish. It is world famous. It’s an intimate crowd, 166 seats, with space for standing. The first time I did a sign language show was at The Stand. When I tour in Glasgow now, I don’t get a chance to do The Stand but I did it between Christmas and New Year. It’s one of the best comedy clubs in the UK, if not the world. I have done The Stand around 300 times, but only been heckled once, maybe twice!”


“I have travelled all over Scotland and been to most of the islands, but Sandhead in the south of Scotland just outside Stranraer is one of my favourite places. As kids, we always went to Sandhead just five miles from Portpatrick. There’s a beach, one pub, and a corner shop that weirdly sells everything. I always loved visiting Sandhead, it just reminds me of being a kid. I have never done a gig in Stranraer but, as a football fan, I have been to watch Stranraer. I spent so much time in the south of Scotland.”



“I do think Edinburgh is one of the most magical places on earth during the Festival. Everyone flocks there, the Royal Mile has such a good atmosphere. I have done seven years of the Edinburgh Festival. When you go there, you feel like you are part of something. I had a really good show there in 2017 when I did a show in sign language, and everything progressed from there. They most I have ever done is 11 gigs in a day!”

Killin in Perthshire.

Perthshire and Ayrshire

“If I am escaping anywhere, I take my little boy Alex with me, who is four years old. We have been up to Killin, Perthshire and Fintry. Because of where I live, in Bearsden, you can reach places easily. I also like going to the Fenwick Moors, Troon and Prestwick. I love a beach! I like the idea of climbing a Munro, but even the thought of doing one, it’s seems like a lot of effort – plus I have got Sky Sports, so I would rather stay at home. I did climb Conic Hill at Balmaha purely to justify eating all the food at The Oak Tree Inn! That was one of our first outings after lockdown.”


Ray Bradshaw is currently on tour with his latest comedy show called Doppelginger. He Scotland performances include Queens Hall, Edinburgh on April 18; Glasgow Pavilion on April 19; The Albany in Greenock on April 20; Lemon Tree in Aberdeen on April 21; and Eden Court in Inverness on April 22.

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