Q-Aye 2! – More Scottish Facts You Need To Know

The second round of our essential weird and wonderful Scottish facts – part 2


Scotland loves student unions! The world’s first one was formed in St Andrews in 1882 whilst the first ever purpose built one was Teviot Row in Edinburgh in 1889

Mary Queen of Scots changed the spelling of the Royal family name from Stewart to Stuart.


Giving Shrek a Scottish accent cost more than
$4 million! Mike Myers originally recorded his scenes in his native Canadian accent before deciding Scottish sounded better and requesting that it all be re-done


Many medieval Scottish forests had no trees. In Scotland, the term ‘forest’ used to mean wild land set aside for royal hunting. Much of the Highlands were given over toshutterstock_131032703 deer “forests” where there wasn’t a tree in sight


The Scotch egg is big in Japan. It’s known as ‘Skorchi egg’ and has become a New Year delicacy



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