Scottish Islands – Discover The Isle Of Eigg!

Scottish Islands - Eigg

Britain’s most eco-friendly island and one Scotland’s greatest beauty spots…


The June 2020 issue of The Scots Magazine explored the Isle of Eigg in our Scottish islands series. So we have pulled together an extended gallery online to showcase this unique and beautiful place.

Eigg is one of the Small Isles, in the Scottish Inner Hebrides. The island is owned by the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust who manage it on behalf of the community. This means the Trust is responsible for the island’s buildings and natural heritage as well as developing its future.

Therefore, thanks to taking ownership of their land, the Isle of Eigg is now Britain’s most eco-friendly island.

Take a look at the stunning gallery below.


The summit of An Sgurr. Credit: Shutterstock.


Scottish Islands - Eigg

Eigg towards Rum. Credit: Shutterstock.


Scottish Islands - Eigg

A beautiful bay at low tide with silver sands and An Sgurr in the background. Credit: Shutterstock.



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