Take A Hike… To Bachnagairn!

A route up to Bachnagairn proved a fine outing for the Scots Mag Hiking Club


Baulked by the infamous Beast of the East, our March hike had to be postponed. The hardy bunch that make up the Scots Magazine Hiking Club were determined that the re-scheduled hike should go ahead. Thankfully the revised date of April 7 provided to be a mild, windless day with any snow confined to high crags and corries. Just as well, for we were heading to Bachnagairn. In Gaelic this is bac na gharain, meaning “hollow of the crying one”, referring to the wind.

Once the group photograph was taken in the Glen Doll car park by expedition leader Garry Fraser, the happy band of 27 hikers took off on the path to Bachnagairn. This was exactly the route of the first Scots Mag hike – was it really five years ago?

We made steady progress along the path that follows the down-flowing Burn of Gowal. Elevenses were enjoyed (at bang on 11 am it has to be said!) at the bridge over the burn, built last year to replace the one washed away in horrible weather a few years ago.

From then on it was on to the trees at Bachnagairn for a lunch stop. While we ate, we debated carrying on over to Loch Muick or Loch Esk. This is a fine wall, but the decision was made to retrace our steps back to Glen Doll as refreshments were waiting at the Clova Hotel.

We saw eagles on our last trip here, but as the Scots Mag’s nature expert Jim Crumley observed they were “playing coy” this time. Plenty deer on the hills above, though. Frogs hopped about the path and nearby water was filled with frogspawn. A sign that spring is at last on its way?

The next hike is on May 27. We’ll be heading up Glen Banter, and you’re more than welcome to join us!
Email gfraser@dctmedia.co.uk for more information.