Whisky Field Guide

Our review of the expert whisky compendium, and your chance to win a copy!


The latest offering in the whisky genre, A Field Guide To Whisky, by Hans Offringa promises to take your passion and knowledge to the next level.

The name Hans Offringa might not ring an immediate bell in the whisky fraternity, but when it comes to knowledge of uisge beatha, very few can hold a candle to him.

As a Dutchman, he holds many distinctive titles – Patron of the Whisky Festival of Northern Netherlands, Keeper of the Quaich and Honorary Scotsman. Even his wife Becky gets in on the act enough to make the Offringas known as the Whisky Couple.

Hans’ latest book, published by Workman Publishing, does what it says in the cover and takes you on a beautifully-illustrated whisky field guide, with insider tips, lists, trivia and much, much more.

The information is condensed into 323 short entries, and after asking the question “What is whisky?” covers very blade of whisky grass from world-wide blends to distilleries, maps and drinking recommendations. There you’ll find a Highland Park 18-year-old on the same listing as a Taiwanese single malt proving the extent of Hans’ knowledge.

You’ll learn where the oldest distillery in the world is – Kilbeggan, Ireland – and the dos and donts of pairing whisky with food. Ardbeg goes with scallops, apparently, and few drops of Talisker on an oyster works wonders too.

This whisky field guide is a fount of whisky knowledge for the beginner or the more sophisticated whisky drinker.


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