Who Are Your Outstanding Women of Scotland?

The 2015 Outstanding Women of Scotland inductees

Nominations have officially opened for the Saltire Society’s Outstanding Women of Scotland 2016. Launched last year, the campaign, in partnership with Glasgow Women’s Library, celebrates prominent women from all walks of life alongside Scotland’s unsung heroines.

Ten outstanding women were inducted into the inaugural list of ‘Outstanding Women of Scotland’ on International Women’s Day in March 2015. Alongside the First Minister, inductees included Scotland’s Makar Liz Lochhead and novelist Jackie Kay. Responding to her nomination, the First Minister said she hoped “The achievements of all those featured will inspire many more Scottish women to fulfil their dreams.”

Scottish women who have made a significant contribution to Scottish culture and society

Members of the public have been invited to submit their nominations for next year’s list. Nominees must be living, contemporary examples of Scottish women who have made a significant contribution to Scottish culture and society. Nominations can be made via Twitter using the hashtag #saltirewomen or by completing an online form here.

Leading nominees from the social media campaign will be revealed on International Women’s day on March 8, 2016, giving the public three months to submit their nominations. Women from all backgrounds can be nominated, provided that they have contributed something ‘truly special’ to Scottish culture and society.

Based on official nominations made via the Saltire Society website, ten women will be inducted into the ‘Outstanding Women of Scotland’ community in the July of 2016.

‘Celebrate everything Scotland’s women have achieved’

“The Saltire Society is here to protect and promote Scotland’s essential culture and heritage,” said  Saltire Society Programme Manager Sarah Mason.

“By championing the women of Scotland – the unsung heroines of this country alongside those who have risen to prominence in public life – the ‘Outstanding Women of Scotland’ campaign seeks to celebrate everything Scotland’s women have achieved – and the huge contribution they make to the cultural life of this country.”

The Saltire Society

The Saltire Society, which was founded in 1936, seeks to encourage everything that might improve the quality of life in Scotland.

It works to preserve all that is best in Scottish traditions and to encourage new developments which can strengthen and enrich the country’s cultural life through an annual programme of awards, lectures, debates and projects.

The Saltire Society is a non-political independent charity with membership branches throughout Scotland, with membership open to all who support the Society’s aims.