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Outdoor Scotland July 7, 2014

Arbroath Abbey

You would be hard pressed to find a Scot whose pulse does not quicken at these words from the Declaration of Arbroath: ‘As long as but one hundred of us […]

Outdoor Scotland July 7, 2014

Duart Castle

Standing sentinel atop a rocky outcrop overlooking the Sound of Mull, Duart Castle viewed from the Oban to Craignure ferry is matched by few other sights in Scotland. Just like it’s […]

Outdoor Scotland July 7, 2014

Hermitage Castle

Nothing truly prepares you for your first glimpse of Hermitage Castle. It rises stark and seemingly impregnable from among the rolling hills of Liddesdale in the Scottish Borders. And, with […]

Outdoor Scotland July 7, 2014

Fort George

Following the blood-soaked defeat of the Jacobite forces at Culloden in 1746, the Hanoverian British government was fixated on ensuring the Highlands would never rise again. They were not for […]

Outdoor Scotland July 7, 2014

Linlithgow Palace

Few could have anticipated that King James IV’s marriage to Margaret Tudor in 1503 would pave the way for an even more momentous union a century later – the Union […]

Outdoor Scotland July 7, 2014

Broch of Gurness & Isle of Rousay

A place of standing stones and innumerable archaeological treasures – history is almost tangible in the Orkney air. The isles, which lie off the extreme northern edge of the Scottish […]

Outdoor Scotland July 7, 2014

Wallace Monument

On September 11, 1297 atop the heights of the Abbey Craig, a rocky promontory across the River Forth from Stirling, the Scots army stood poised. William Wallace and Andrew de Moray’s […]

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