Columbia Montrail Trans Alps F.K.T. II Shoes – Review

Brand: Columbia

Type: Montrail Women’s Trans Alps F.K.T. II Shoes

Price: £123.99

Star rating:



WHEN it comes to running off the beaten track, you need trainers that will support you over uneven terrain. The Columbia Montrail Trans Alps Shoes appear to do the trick!

After taking up running at the beginning of the year, I’ve been trying out a variety of routes around Angus. One of my favourites so far is a woodland trail which combines a number of different terrains and inclines, including overgrown fields, steep gravel tracks and uneven forest paths. With such a diverse range of surfaces in one place, I thought it would be the ideal spot to put these Columbia Montrail Trans Alps trainers through their paces.

I immediately noticed just how effectively they absorb the impact of each stride. It was the smoothest of rides over the gravel, rock and debris. The shoe’s ‘fluidfoam’ mid-sole offers plenty of cushion and support, while adding some extra bounce to my jogging step. My feet are prone to blistering, so I usually have to break shoes in slowly over a number of weeks. Yet, even on my first run, my feet felt comfortable and remained pain free post jog.

Running off track can be daunting. When you encounter unexpected boulders and hidden tree roots you want to feel prepared. Well, these trail shoes have got that covered, and then some. With an abrasion and water resistant forefoot shield, reinforced toe caps and a full-length rubber out-sole, I could handle anything.

One of the first things I noticed about the shoes was just how effectively they absorb the impact of each stride, providing the smoothest of rides over the gravel, rock and debris I encountered on my run.


At first glance, the trainers look pretty solid. Therefore, I was concerned that the added protection might make them a bit too stiff and rigid. However, I’m happy to report that I was proven wrong. The soles of the Columbia Montrails provide plenty of flex and are perfect for tackling trail runs of all kinds.


Favourite feature

Thanks to the upper construction of the shoes which use ripstop reinforcement over open mesh, feet remain nice and cool.




Least favourite feature

I’m not a huge fan of the trainer’s rubbery style tongue, it feels a little out of place to me.






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