Helly Hansen Vanir Backpack – Review

Helly Hansen Vanir Backpack

Helly Hansen Vanir Backpack

Brand: Helly Hansen

Type: Vanir Backpack

Price: £75

Star rating:


The trusty Helly Hansen Vanir Backpack did not let Garry down!

THE Helly Hansen Vanir Backpack, when given its first outing on a recent The Scots Magazine hike, passed with flying colours.

Having started my hiking life in the days of the old iron-framed, unsupported rucksack which weighed a ton when wet, today’s sacks are the chalk to their cheese. And this backpack is padded, fits snugly and is lightweight enough to forget you’re actually wearing one!

There are enough compartments to separate your food, waterproofs, map etc with two good-sized side pouches to boot. It’s extremely comfy to wear and while it’s the prefect size for a day’s hike, there’s room for more kit if you need to stretch things out to a couple of days.

If there’s any stumbling block, it might the price – good though the rucksack is.

However, I use a rucksack almost every day of my life, for the occasional trip to the shops or for taking my laptop to and from work. And this Helly Hansen Vanir Backpack works well.

Helly Hansen Vanir BackpackThis piece of kit is ideal for social and urban use as its make-up gives it perfect versatility. I found after a visit to a local supermarket that it has a capacity of prodigious proportions and for a visit to the beach with the grand-kids, it proved invaluable for transporting the kit and kaboodle necessary for such outings.

Once upon a time, rucksacks were exclusive to hikers. Nowadays, their versatility means they can be used on almost every occasion and for those less-inclined to outdoor activity.



Helly Hansen Vanir Backpack


Favourite feature

Its colour. I’m not a fan of brightly coloured kit so the black makes it as unobtrusive as possible.



Helly Hansen Vanir Backpack


Least favourite feature

There’s no loop for an ice axe, which limits its use in winter conditions.





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