My Scotland – Michelle McManus

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This month, singer, presenter and Pop Idol winner, Michelle McManus, tells us the Scottish places that she holds dear…


“In Scotland, you’re so spoiled. But I think everyone wants to see Loch Lomond!” – Michelle McManus.


Glenfinnan Church

I got married at Glenfinnan Church, right on Loch Shiel, and we went to Mallaig for our reception. I’m hardly Madonna, but I wanted to go away somewhere other than Glasgow, where nobody gives a hoot. We go back to Mallaig every year on our anniversary – I feel at my happiest there.


Conic Hill

My husband and I started going up Conic Hill by Balmaha every six months. I’ve always been quite overweight, but I’m active as much as anybody is and I loved going up. It’s not a massive hill, but for me it was a big personal achievement to get up there the first time. That’s my favourite place to walk now.



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