Paramo Velex Jacket Review

I LOVE Paramo. I’ve said it before – I think theirs is the only truly breathable fabric.

I own the old Velez smock – my fave bit of kit – so was keen to try this new, full zip version. It’s good and does what it claims to – fully waterproof, incredibly breathable and great for a host of activities.

I used it climbing and hillwalking, but I was just a bit disappointed. Some find Paramo kit too warm – not this. I found it a bit light in winter. Buy a bigger size to layer up.

Big underarm and side vents, so getting air is not an issue. Main moans – only two wee pockets and the hood doesn’t stow, so it flaps annoyingly round your neck in the wind.

£275 RRP Paramo Velez Jacket