Q-Aye! – The Scottish Facts You Need To Know | Part 12

Q-Aye Scotland facts

Put yourself to the test with our list of 30 essential weird and wonderful Scotland facts. How many do you know?

Scots are pioneers of astral photography!


56 The ATM machine was invented by Scotsman, John Shepherd- Barron whilst he was taking a bath.


57 A Scotsman invented Speedos! Alexander MacRae was born in the Kyle of Lochalsh and emigrated to Sydney in 1910. He set up a MacRae Knitting Mills on Bondi Beach and soon began to expand into swimwear…


58 The first ever photograph of the moon was taken by Aberdeen astronomer, David Gill in 1868.


59 “Braveheart” was actually the nickname of Robert the Bruce, not William Wallace


60 Aberdeen Harbour Board is in the Guinness Book of Records for being Britain’s oldest existing business – it was founded in 1136!


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