New Scottish Horror Video Game ‘Still Wakes the Deep’

Screengrab from 'Still Wake the Deep' Scottish Horror video game. Image shows the isolated oil rig off in the middle of a choppy and stormy North Sea.

Where would developers even set a Scottish horror video game? In the middle of the North Sea on a remote oil rig in the 70s, of course! Still Wakes the Deep is a terrifying concept.

The game takes place on the Beira D oil rig off the coast of Scotland in 1975.

When creepy creatures from the depths below climb onboard, everything takes a turn for the worse. A group of workers find themselves trapped and stranded and picked off one by one.

“This is also probably the most Scottish game you’ll ever play, right down to a staggering amount of swearing.” – The Guardian.

As this is a Scottish horror video game, the team made it their mission to bring the Scottish accent to the forefront. They recruited voice actors from across Scotland including Isle of Skye, Dundee, Aberdeen and Glasgow.

Some of the main characters you encounter are voiced by Scottish actors Alec Newman, Neve McIntosh, and Karen Dunbar.

This Scottish Horror Video Game Really Represents

Brighton-based games developer, The Chinese Room, interviewed a number of retired North Sea oil rig workers and used British Petroleum’s documentary archives as a reference for the game’s oil rig design.

The team’s primary focus was to create an authentic experience that was as accurate as possible for the time period.

John McCormack, the game’s art director, is a Scot himself. Having lived in Scotland in the 1907s, he was more than qualified to advise the group on the game’s overall aesthetic.


And the representation doesn’t stop there!

Glasgow-born singer, Maggie MacInnes, even sings in Gaelic for the Still Wakes the Deep soundtrack and features in the trailer.

When developers stumbled across old clips online of Maggie’s mum singing in Gaelic, they felt inspired.


Flora MacNeil from Barra was known as the “Queen of Gaelic singers”.

Developers approached Maggie MacInnes and she agreed to rerecord ‘Fath Mo Mhulaid a Bhith Ann’ for them.

The song has been released as a single in the singer’s name and also features in the game.

Scottish Horror Video Game was inspired by video clips online of Flora MacNeil singing. This is a black and white photograph of her singing.

Flora MacNeil from Barra.

‘Still Wakes the Deep’ Is Being Played Across The World

Streamers and gamers from around the world have downloaded and played the game, all intrigued by the unusual horror game concept.

A quick YouTube search will bring up a whole host of ‘Let’s Plays’ for the Still Wakes the Deep.

Critics say the gameplay is a bit simple and unsurprising, while the storyline drawn-out in parts.

However, this is an exciting win for the Scottish horror video game that kind of slipped under the radar until now.

Available now on PC, Xbox and PS5.

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