A-Z of Secret Aberdeen: M for… Maritime Museum

The superb Maritime Museum is situated in the aptly named Shiprow which winds its cobbled way down to the harbour.

It combines a modern glass-fronted space with Aberdeen’s oldest surviving building – Provost Ross’s House with its narrow corridors, low doorways and small rooms.

In the museum’s foyer, a series of blackboards tell you everything from the time of high tide to the current price of crude oil. Suspended above your head is a 25ft scale model of the Murchiston oil platform.

Have a go at parking your own boat!

Through a mixture of exhibitions and displays you can learn the story of Aberdeen’s long relationship with the sea, from sailing ships and whalers all the way to North Sea oil – and using computer interactives, you can even have a go at “parking” your boat in the harbour!


Aberdeen Maritime Museum, Shiprow, Aberdeen, AB11 5BY


Open:Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm. Sunday 12noon – 3pm. Closed Monday

Admission free.


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