A-Z of Secret Aberdeen: R for… Rowie

If you want to eat like a local then you’ve got to try a rowie at least once

Rowies, or butteries as they are also called, are the city’s very own version of the croissant. These flat pastry rolls are a heady mixture flour, yeast, salt and lard. That doesn’t sound appetising, but bear with me!

The flaky frisbees are best eaten warm and slathered in both butter and jam. They are utterly delicious, but at around 300 each before their topping, they aren’t for the calorie counters out there.

Rowies were invented for the North East coast’s fishermen. The huge amounts of salt and fat meant that they would keep for long periods out at sea and the high number of calories meant that they could stay nourished while often having very little time for a food stop.

History lesson over, it’s time to try one. Local opinion is divided over who makes the best one. It’s between local bakeries Aitkens and Thains. Why not try one from each and decide for yourself?





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