Big Bike Revival Pedals To Success

Finding the perfect bike at a bike jumble sale in Glasgow - one of the many events encouraging us all to get on our bikes! Photo by Andy Catlin

In less than three months, The Big Bike Revival has held over 500 events across Scotland.

The Big Bike Revival is a national campaign designed to encourage thousands of people to cycle for everyday journeys.

The campaign runners work with businesses, charities and bike recycling centres across the country to provide bike-related activities from Lerwick to Kirkcudbright, from Stornoway to Aberdeen.

Since mid-September, the award-winning campaign has been bringing bikes back into use in Scotland, with free mechanics sessions, bike safety checks, confidence building classes, led rides and route planning just a few of the activities that have been encouraging us all to get on our bikes!

‘Events across the length and breadth of Scotland’

“We’ve seen thousands of people attend our events across the length and breadth of Scotland,” said Shona Morris, Big Bike Revival project manager.

“We’ve worked with a wide range of people to encourage them to get riding, including people with disabilities, those who haven’t cycled for decades, families, members of BME communities and older people.

“The organisations involved have also seen great benefits from working on the Big Bike Revival, including reaching out to new people, fostering relationships locally and offering cycling activities for the first time.”

Supporting people to cycle over winter

With over 500 events under its belt, The Big Bike Revival, has been developed by Cycling UK and is funded by Transport Scotland, is now moving onto its next stage – supporting people to cycle over winter.

Using a community development approach, fifty cycling clubs will be developed and supported across Scotland to provide people with ongoing cycling opportunities and activities, incuding ride leader training, first aid sessions and basic mechanics classes.

These clubs will be supported by five Cycling UK Development Officers and could include family cycling groups, groups that help build confidence and fitness for new riders, women’s groups or all-ability cycling clubs.

‘Helping to get old bikes back into use’

“The Scottish Government is delighted to be funding this initiative and to be working with Cycling UK in helping to get old bikes back into use,” said Humza Yousaf, Minister for Transport and the Islands.

“With 35% of the population having access to at least one bike, cycling should be a more visible activity and, hopefully, The Big Bike Revival will make that happen.”

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