Top Whisky Festivals In Scotland

Let’s take a look at this year’s line-up of top whisky festivals! Fife Whisky Festival is first on the list as it returns this weekend, March 1-3.

Fife Whisky Festival

March 1-3

Warm up this winter with a couple of drams! This annual festival sets the stage with a diverse array of local and global whisky brands, immersive tastings, and engaging seminars. The main event will be held at The Corn Exchange in Cupar, with various other events dotted around Fife, including the opening dinner at Lindores Abbey Distillery. The list of distillers attending this year is available now on the website. Ardgowan, Isle of Raasay Distillery, Daftmill, and Fragrant Drops are just some of most anticipated.

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Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival

May 1-6

Venture into the heart of Speyside, home to over fifty distilleries and some of the world’s most renowned. Delve into the rich traditions and innovations of Speyside whisky production, and enjoy exclusive tastings and masterclasses, whisky-themed dinners, and insightful distillery tours typically closed to the public.. The festival is a programme of over 700 events that span six days.

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Fèis Ìle Islay Whisky Festival

May 25 – June 1

This vibrant celebration of Islay’s culture, music, and whisky has been running annually since 1985 and attracts whisky enthusiasts worldwide. Fèis Ìle fosters a deep appreciation for Islay’s heritage and its renowned whisky distilleries. Visitors indulge in distillery tours including that of the iconic Laphroaig and Lagavulin. You will also enjoy traditional music, alongside community gatherings. From visiting to experiencing the island’s warm hospitality and breath-taking scenery, attendees discover the essence of whisky from Islay.

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Dornoch Whisky Festival

October 25-27

This festival celebrates the evolution of Dornoch into a whisky hub. History enthusiasts will also enjoy atmospheric setting of Dornoch Castle Hotel. Despite its relatively small size, this festival packs a punch as attendees connect with centuries of whisky craftsmanship and fostering a deep appreciation for the spirit’s heritage.

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