Best Scottish TV Shows To Binge Watch

Best Scottish TV sitcom goes to Still Game. Image show the Still Game cast standing in front of their local pub The Clansman.

It’s to be a dreich summer this year, so hunker down and enjoy some of the best Scottish TV! Here are our binge-worthy favourites.

We bring you some of our top picks of Scottish telly from over the years – all available to stream or download now. These shows have plenty of episodes to keep you going.

From comedy to drama, there’s something for everyone.

Enjoy some of our favourites!



A classic and one of the best Scottish TV picks. This crime drama has been running since 2013 and is still in production – a few cast member switches later. It’s a murder mystery set in the perfectly isolated location of the Shetland islands. The gripping story is based on the popular Ann Cleeves novels, so expect an elaborate plot and exciting twists and turns.

Series 1-8 available on Amazon Prime



This is the story of an English nurse who mysteriously finds herself in Scotland and transported back in time to the year 1743.  Therefore, the story explores Scotland through its many myths and legends. This is most likely considered the best Scottish TV show by some of our overseas readers.

Series 1-7 available on Amazon Prime

Two Doors Down

Two Doors Down

This Scottish comedy showcases a particularly standout performance from Elaine C Smith as the nation’s nosy neighbour, Christine. She is insensitive and persistent and makes the lives of the people next door unbearable. But the audience love her. Married couple Eric and Beth Baird tolerate difficult family members as well as insufferable neighbours on Latimer Crescent. The entire show is mostly the pair of them trying their best to avoid one drama after another.

Series 1-7 available on BCC iPlayer 


Driving home from a wedding one night, two wildly different brothers, Max and Jake, hit and kill an elderly man in Leith. Rather than admit to any wrong-doing, they choose to cover up their crime. We watch as they spiral into a web of lies and attract some shady characters. Locals begin to question the true cause of death as the pair fail to keep their stories straight. Max Bonnar and Jamie Sives give amazing performances of what happens to individuals – with even a shred a conscience – who lie to cover up a crime they’ve committed. The guilt eats them both alive and destroys their lives in a spectacular fashion.

Series 1-3 available on Amazon Prime

Still Game

Still Game

Arguably the best Scottish TV sitcom and an education on Scottish humour. It was created by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill who also played the show’s leads – a pair of Glaswegian pensioners called Jack Jarvis and Victor McDade. But everybody know them as simply, ‘Jack and Victor’. This long-standing comedy has an impressive nine series to get through, so you’ll be well entertained.

Series 1-9 available on Netflix 

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