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Our top images of a grand day out at the city’s
second annual meetings of Instagrammers!


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On March 11, the Dundee Instameet saw photography enthusiasts from all over the country embark on a tour of the city.

The event was organised by Ian G Black, Kirsty Ashton and Suzanne Scott, who welcomed us for coffee at the Malmaison hotel before

DC Thomson’s abandoned former home of West Ward Works, Discovery Point,  St Paul’s Cathedral and Verdant Works were all on the menu, and although we all went to the same destinations, the sheer variety of photography that emerged was outstanding.

Different personalities captured different angles, moods, perspectives and focuses – and all were uniquely beautiful.

We’ve had a hard time cutting the hundreds of great shots down this week to just twenty top images to convey the sheer breadth of talent and locations – but we got there!

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Which is the best?


Which of the top twenty photographs do you think is the best?

The top image (or images if we can’t decide!) will be printed in our June issue – we’ll get in touch with all Top 20 finalists in advance, and post it on Instagram, too.

Well done to all photographers!


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Top Instagrammers

Liam Jardine 


Sarah Bugeja Kissaun 


Steven Sinclair 


Lauren Barnett




Euan Brown







The Edinburgh Enthusiast


Roddy C M




Liina Kinnaslampi 


Barry S




Loryn Wallace 


Chris Lyon


Scott Mccaughie