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If you’re looking for interesting anecdotes and quirky facts about Scotland then you’ve come to the right place. Below you can find our collections of weird and wonderful Scottish trivia – which Scots give Christmas presents of dressed herrings? Which Scottish City was named the City of Love in 2012?

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Original And Best

Q-Aye Scotland facts

60 quirky Scottish facts on everything from Sean Connery’s former occupation, to the Scottish seaweed that’s been sent into space


Burns Edition

Q-Aye Burns

Things you may not know about our beloved bard, Robert Burns, his living descendants, and his influence on the likes of Michael Jackson


Valentine Edition

QAye Valentine's

The Scots are not known as the most romantic of people, but we’ve managed to rustle up a few romantic (ok, ok, and some not so romantic) facts for St Valentine’s Day…


Christmas Edition


Who gives a Christmas present of a herring in a dress? What’s the old (and rather peculiar) Scots word for a turkey?
Find out with our fun and festive Q-Aye!



That’s all for now, but look out for more editions coming soon!