Tea For Two At The Hub

Your chance to win afternoon tea at the new cafe on the block


There are a number of pubs and cafes that can make a walk up Edinburgh’s Royal Mile a rewarding one – certainly because the time you’ve scaled the heights from Holyrood to the Castle, some sustenance has to be taken on board!

However, there’s a new culinary attraction now available at The Hub, the former church on the junction of The Mile and Johnston Terrace – good, old fashioned afternoon tea. On a recent visit to the capital, an invitation for myself and my wife to try it out was just too good to turn down.

It’s a welcome addition, in its early days certainly, and could be considered work in progress. However, I reckon they’re 90% of the way there. One important factor is that everything is produced on site.

I would have welcomed a choice of tea – there are so much to choose from, so a selection on offer would not go amiss. I’d also recommend a more adventurous choice of sandwiches as ham, smoked salmon, and dill and cucumber could be judged a tad predictable. But these are minor points which in no way detracted from the overall experience.

But as you work your way up the three-tiered food presentation, things get better and better. Scones and clotted cream are the essence of a proper afternoon tea, and after polishing them off, our attention was turned to the top level.




With these, The Hub have got a pastry chef who would make Bake-Off’s Paul Hollywood chomp at the bit for a taste. The lemon-meringue pies were to die for as were the strawberry tarts, with a wafer outside coating, and the macarons. Definitely the best of the three “courses”.

There is an optional extra of a wee bottle of prosecco, in which I indulged in – but only in the interests of research. It felt like the right thing to do, anyway. And it was my birthday!

Sandra has more experience of the afternoon tea side of things than I do, so her desire to return for what is a reasonably-priced afternoon tea is testament to the fact that the Hub are on to a winner.

Thanks to The Hub we can offer a prize draw in which the winner will enjoy afternoon tea for two including prosecco.

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