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Explore August 20, 2016

Tom Weir | Six Weeks To Safety Part 1

Last month Tom Weir described his recent researches, on the ground and in documents, into the Highland wanderings of Prince Charlie after Culloden. In this article he picks up the trail […]

Explore August 5, 2016

Tom Weir | Following The Prince Part 2

Escaping government troops by climbing through Knoydart, Bonnie Prince Charlie hid in the very place his father’s troops fought the Battle of Shiel…   On that occasion, though, the self-styled James VIII […]

Explore August 5, 2016

Tom Weir | Following The Prince Part 3

The aftermath of the Battle of Sheil, and implications for Bonnie Prince Charlie in his escape through Knoydart   By reason of that battle the great Mackenzie clan’s lands and […]

Explore August 5, 2016

Tom Weir | Following The Prince Part 4

Tom Weir stops in at a cave of wonder on his trail of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s escape through Knoydart…   I had promised our cameraman not just a dark cave, […]

Explore August 1, 2016

Tom Weir | Following The Prince Part 1

In 1980, Tom wrote a piece for us while filming an episode of Weir’s Way in Bonnie Prince Charlie’s footsteps around Kintail   We set out aboard the fishing boat Western Isles […]

People July 22, 2016

Tom Weir | To Wild Places (III)

The final instalment of Tom Weir’s column To Wild Places covers a day out in the Trossachs and a battle between the acrobats of the air – a peregrine falcon and […]

People July 18, 2016

Tom Weir | To Wild Places (II)

A Perfect Day on the Cobbler     It was an easy walk to the Narnain Boulders and now that we were close in to the corrie floor it needed […]

People July 17, 2016

Tom Weir | Seton Gordon

In September of 1976 Tom Weir caught up with the doyen of Scottish naturalists, Seton Gordon YOU never know who you’ll meet on the Skye ferry. In this case it […]

People July 13, 2016

The Call Of The Wild

It was love at first sight for the newest addition to Scotland’s first blogging collaboration   When I got the news that I was going to become the newest member […]


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