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People July 9, 2015

The Bonnie Gardener!

Nicola MacNaughton, aka The Bonnie Gardener, shares her top gardening tips   Her enthusiasm for growing is infectious, and she believes nurturing anything from a vegetable plot to a hanging […]

People July 9, 2015

Tom Weir | The Walker’s Wonderland

Tom Weir concludes his two-part portrait of Loch Lomond with visits to lesser-known features that can be reached on foot – and a dramatic tale of canoeing on its changeable […]

Interviews July 2, 2015

Andrew Cotter in Twenty Questions

We set Andrew Cotter a quick-fire round of twenty questions when we caught up BBC Commentary team at The Open…   Where did you get the golfing bug? The whole […]

People July 2, 2015

Tom Weir | My Loch Lomond

Few men can know Loch Lomond as intimately as Tom Weir who lived by its shores for 17 years. In his columns for our July and August, 1976 issues he […]

People June 26, 2015

Tom Weir | Back To The Hostels

In June, 1976, Tom Weir, a lover of bothys and wild camping, had a change of heart about Youth Hostels. After their warm welcome on a few wild and dreich […]

People June 15, 2015

Mission To… Langholm?

Neil Armstrong delivered one of the most famous sentences in history 47 years ago… but it seems that the first man on the Moon was almost lost for words the […]

People June 8, 2015

Scottish Wine Wizard of Oz

Australians are serious about their wine. Scots are pretty serious about Australian wine too, but as we’re warming a winter night with a Margaret River Merlot or enjoying a glass […]

People June 3, 2015

Tom Weir | Stravaiging The Tops

Stravaig is a great Scots word. You can occasionally hear landowners use it negatively to refer to the “stravaigers” who trample through their fields, but for most – and certainly […]


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