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A Swift Encounter

The swifts came late. If you remember April 2012 at all you will remember it with a shudder. North-easterly winds, rain, sleet and snow, and spring hiding its head under […]


Mark Beaumont’s 500 mile Cycle

“I knew what I was getting into, but you do start with a certain naivety. It’s only once you’ve done it that you fully realise the scale!” In August Mark Beaumont […]


Fringe Fantastic!

The Edinburgh Fringe is quite popular in this office – as you can imagine! Here you can find our collection of previews, reviews, what we’ve seen, and what we want […]


Jon Cozart – Living The Fringe Dream!

American YouTube star Jon Cozart, whose most popular online clip has had nearly 50 million views, has made the move from virtual into reality with his month-long appearance at The […]


Seabird Symphony

The sounds of Shetland’s seabirds were music to the ears of Jim Crumley NATURE in a place like Shetland is symphonic. Or it’s jazz with a particularly Ellingtonian twist. Nature […]


Get Gobsmacked! At The Fringe

Gobsmacked! is a cappella as you’ve never seen or heard it before – and the show makes its debut at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. From traditional street corner harmonies to […]


The Fearlessness of Weasels

A weasel fears no-one – not even Jim Crumley There is a scruffy little country lane I walk down from time to time, knowing that I’m safe from all forms […]

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