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Interviews August 13, 2014

Blythe Duff

The opulent decor of Glasgow’s Malmaison hotel is not a venue one would associate with Taggart, the tough, gritty crime drama set in the city for 28 years. But it’s […]

Interviews July 2, 2014

Ian Rankin

It’s a “bit hectic” the day best-selling crime writer Ian Rankin speaks with The Scots Magazine but the prolific author was looking forward to some well-earned time off. “I just […]

Interviews July 2, 2014

KT Tunstall | Luck Is Being Ready

Within 10 minutes of meeting KT Tunstall, it’s easy to forget she’s one of Scotland’s most important musical figures. She’s relaxed, chatty, and more than happy to take the conversation […]

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