Scottish Heroes – Vote For Your Favourite Royal!


Chapter one in our new Scottish Heroes bookazine focuses on Scotland’s greatest historical rulers. Now we pit them against each other so you can choose your favourite


THE history of the Scottish monarchy is a long, bloody and complicated affair.

The first king of Scots is generally recognised to be Kenneth MacAlpin, or Kenneth I, who combined the kingdoms of the Picts in the north-east and Dál Riata of the Scots in the west around 843 AD. He and his royal descendants conquered and combined the rest of Scotland’s petty kingdoms into the Kingdom of Alba – the Gaelic name for Scotland.

Similarly, small kingdoms south of the border combined to form England in 927 AD, which was bad news for Scotland. The two new kingdoms would be at odds for almost a millennium until the Battle of Culloden in 1746 put an end to it.

Here are some of the most interesting royal Scots from that time, who changed the country for better or for worse.


It’s time to pick your favourite royal Scot!


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