Scottish Heroes – Vote For Your Favourite Rebel!

Chapter six in our new Scottish Heroes bookazine focuses on Scotland’s fiercest rebels and outlaws. Now we pit them against each other so you can choose your favourite


WHETHER you class someone as a rebel or a hero depends entirely upon which side you are on.

Take the legend of Robin Hood, for example. To the starving people of Nottingham he was a hero, but to King John I he was a traitor and an outlaw.

The Jacobite wars of the 18th century are similarly labelled throughout history books as either the Jacobite Risings or Jacobite Rebellions, depending on where the author’s sympathies lay.

In this section you’ll find profiles of five Scottish men and women who were certainly considered to be rebels, outlaws and traitors in the eyes of their powerful enemies. The Scots do love an underdog, though – and anyone who caused even the slightest inconvenience to the authorities for that matter – so Scottish history remembers their exploits rather fondly…


It’s time to pick your favourite rebel Scot!


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