Become a Burns expert with this latest publication from The Scots Magazine Presents…

Find out what life was like in 18th century Scotland, read Burns’s first draft of Auld Lang Syne from 1788, and celebrate Burns Night.

You will also learn how to host your own Burns Supper with recipes, interesting Scots language translations, little-known facts about the bard, and how this humble ploughman became one of the world’s best-loved poets.

We’ve even picked our favourite of Burns’s poems and songs, which was no easy task given the hundreds that the 18th-century poet produced in his all-too-short lifetime. The poems chosen provide just a glimpse into the breadth and depth of Burns’s talent – from the humour of To a Toothache to the heartbreaking romance in Ae Fond Kiss.

It’s all here in The Ultimate Guide To Robert Burns.

  • Discover everything you need to know about Scotland's bard...

Take inspiration from the most remarkable Scots across 148 incredible pages of trail-blazing history…

Discover the Scottish heroes, both men and women, who’ve made their mark on the world. From rebellious leaders to royal visionaries, from sports stars to pioneering inventors, these Scots have changed the game.

This book is packed with fascinating facts about more than 25 Scottish heroes.

And of all the great Scots we’ve selected, it’s the forgotten or unheard of names that often prove the most intriguing. For example, the adventures of Sir Alexander Glen, whose said to be the inspiration behind James Bond, or the Scottish pirate William Kidd, whose buried treasure remains hidden.

Our team has poured over history books to bring you the most impressive Scots.

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